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Conversion of electrical units (Capacitance) into energy and power units

Symbols used in this notes are: F – Farad; C – Coulomb; V – Volt; A – Ampere; J –Joules; s – second; W – Watt; g – gram; h – hour   Correlation between electrical (capacitance) and energy and power units F = C/V W = A×V C = A×s J = W×s (Energy unit) F =(A×s)/ V So, F×(V^2) = A×s×V = W×s = J Or, F = (W×s) / V^2 = J / V^2 Note : Faraday's Constant is different from Farad. (Not confused, though both represented by symbol 'F'.) 1 Faraday = 96485 C 1 Faraday = (96485 C /3600 s) = 26.801 A·h   Capacitance is expressed in, F Energy is expressed in, Wh Power is expressed in, W   Specific Capacitance is expressed as: F/kg (or) F/g Specific Energy is expressed as: Wh/kg (or) Wh/g Specific Power is expressed as: W/kg (or) W/g   Assume a supercapacitor has a Specific Capacitance of 2000 F/g and discharges at a potential difference of 1 V in 900 s, then Specific Energy and Specific Power is related to its Specific Capacitance a