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Simulation of Charging & Discharging in Capacitors & Supercapacitors

This video tutorial explains, how to simulate charging & discharging the capacitors, supercapacitors and ultracapacitors for the estimation of capacitance. This charging-discharging method is used to estimate the capacitance of the capacitors. By simultaneous charging & discharging of a capacitor, its capacitance can be estimated from the time duration and change in potential.   Charging & discharging potential (in Volts) against time (seconds) is recorded under constant resistance (Ohms). If the current is kept constant, it is known as the galvanostatic charging and discharging (GCD) technique. It is used to estimate the specific capacitance of supercapacitors. Charging & discharging potential (in Volts) is plotted against the respective time (in seconds).  From the graph, the capacitance can be estimated. To perform the simulation, Falstad Online Circuit Simulator (free tool) is used. Download link for Offline Circuit Simulator Program:   Download link for program fil