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Science titbits

  Compiled by,  Dr. M Kanagasabapathy 1. Element with 100 protons is Fermium (Fm). 2. First commercial microprocessor, Intel 4004 was released in the year 1971. 3. Ebola virus belongs to Filoviridae family (single-stranded negative-sense RNA viruses). 4. Newtonian fluids have constant viscosity with shear rate directly proportional to shear stress. 5. Magnetic Permeability -  ability of a material to form an internal magnetic field (magnetization) under the applied magnetic field. 6. Wavelength range of infrared (IR) waves is 780 nanometers to 1 millimetre.  7. Teeth enamel (hardest substance in the body) contains calcium hydroxyapatite, Ca10 (PO4)6 (OH)2. 8. Inductance - tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. Flow of electric current causes magnetic field around the conductor and it depends on the magnitude of the current. 9. Auxins are an important plant growth hormone and naturally occurring auxin is indole-3 acetic acid. 1