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Logical Thinking Puzzles

Blue Fishes There are 200 fishes in a pond. 99% fishes are blue. How many blue fishes should be removed to make the percentage of blue fishes in to 98%? Hint: 2 is not the answer. Answer First, why '2' is not the right answer? If you think 198 is the initial number of blue fishes and if 2 blue fishes are removed, then there will be 196 blue fishes and hence in terms of percentage it is 98. But its wrong, since the total fishes count also decreased to 198, if you just remove 2 blue fishes alone. So the percentage of blue fishes are (196/198) × 100 = 98.99% Its not 98% its almost 99%. In simple, 198 blue fishes and 2 other colored fishes are there initially. And if you remove 100 blue fishes, then 98 blue fishes with 2 other colored fishes. So, the percentage of blue fishes becomes 98. Answer: 100 blue fishes should be removed. Show the Answer Tennis Match Antony and Benjamin played tennis against each other. Its a bet game and