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Computer simulation programs for Electrodeposition / Electroplating - FARADAY and ELECHEM

  Originally published on 4–May–2013   FARADAY and ELECHEM are the two portable computer programs, find useful for electrochemical researchers, electroplating units, battery as well as supercapacitor industries, process engineers, materials scientists & engineers, electroplaters, hobbyists, and students to evaluate various electrochemical deposition parameters.   These computational tools can be used to simulate various electrochemical deposition data or electroplating parameters for metals, alloys, composites, and some of them are listed below:   ·        cathode / cathodic current efficiency on electro plating ·        energy required for element or metal electrodeposition ·        current density calculations ·        estimation of energy efficiency ·        Hull cell data for the given current ·        throwing power of the chemical bath based on Harring Blum cell ·        applied current required for plating of metals and alloys ·