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Simulating Cyclic voltammetric curves

Cyclic voltammetry is an imperative electrochemical analytical tool to probe the electrochemical characteristics, electrochemical kinetics and to assess the performance of the fabricated electrode materials for batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, biosensors, etc. It is also deployed to scrutinize the electrochemical signature of the pharmaceutical / chemical / biochemical compounds and nanocomposite materials, polymers, complexes, etc., as well as to explore the electron transfer process from energy storage to bio-medical applications.   It consists of three electrode cell assembly immersed in the electrolyte and a computer controlled Potentiostat is used to control the potential and to monitor the current. 1. Working electrode (WE) where the required redox reaction takes place. 2. Reference electrode (RE) to vary / monitor the potential (E, V) of the WE. Potential between WE and RE is varied at a pre-defined scan-rate, denoted as ν (V.s -1 ) between t