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Online calculator for Crystallite size & lattice strain from XRD data

For best view, use Desktop site in smartphones. Debye–Scherrer formulae to determine crystallite size and lattice strain from diffraction angle (2θ) and F. W. H. M. is given as: Debye–Scherrer Equation   K = Scherrer’s constant (Shape factor)              (Here it’s taken as 0.94) λ = Wavelength of X-rays (Å) F. W. H. M. (β) = Full Width at Half Maxima                   (Here input in degrees) θ – Peak position in XRD graph (that is 2θ)              (Here input as 2θ in degrees) Online Calculator For best view, use Desktop site in smartphones. Input Wavelength of X-rays (λ): Angstroms F.W.H.M.(ß): degrees 2-Theta: degrees Output Crystallite size: nm Lattice Strain (ε): Designed by: Dr. M Kanagasabapathy, Associate Professor Department of Chemistry, Rajus’ College Madurai Kamaraj University Rajapalayam, (TN) INDIA 626117 Notes to calculate Full Width at Half Maximu