Laptop Battery Life Saver

Coded a lightweight program (600 KB), 'Battery Life Saver' to extend the life span of laptop batteries.

Using a Laptop Battery continuously by overcharging above 90% or by below 15%, reduces its life span.


This light-weight .exe program, Battery Life Saver will alarm, on excess charging or discharging.


Set the desired Battery Limit Percentage using the slider, say 50% and allow the Battery Life Saver to give alarm.

It automatically detects, charging and battery status.



Download Battery Life Saver

Download the Python codes for this program, from this page.


Python code for Laptop Battery Life Saver




Dr. M Kanagasabapathy

Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry

Rajus’ College, Madurai Kamaraj University

Rajapalayam (Tamil Nadu) India 626117