Specific Capacitance of a Supercapacitor from Cyclic Voltammetry data




Cs - Specific capacitance (F/g) = to be calculated.

A - Area under the I vs. E curve (AV) = 0.0154

m - Mass of the electrode material (g) = 20 mg = 0.02 g

ν - Scan rate (V/s) = 10 mV/s = 0.01 V/s

dV - Potential window (difference in potential) = 0.3 (= 0.0 V (-0.3 V))


Area (A) under the curve can be calculated using Origin program, whereas 'dV' is the difference in the potential.

Refer the video tutorial for the calculations of 'A' and 'dV'.




Dr. M Kanagasabapathy

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Rajapalayam Rajus College

Madurai Kamaraj University

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