VESTA Tutorial: Simulation of XRD patterns – Matrix transformation of {h k l} planes Miller indices

This VESTA tutorial demonstrates the following:

1. How to download and analyze .cif (Crystallographic Information File) from Open Crystallographic Database using VESTA program?

2. How to simulate X-ray diffraction patterns in VESTA from the crystal unit cell volume?

3. How to interpret and view the lattice planes, d-spacing in a 3-dimensional way?

4. How to perform matrix transformation correctly, in {hkl} Miller indices planes?

5. Matrix transformation by using simple matrix multiplication followed by the location of the new Miller plane after the transformation.

6. Identification of Miller {hkl} planes from crystal dimensions and XRD patterns.

7. Correlates the unit cell dimensions, d-spacing and 2-theta (2θ) values.