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Stock Option Chain Data in Excel Sheet

Simplified Excel sheet for Stock Option traders to fetch and analyze NSE Stock Option Chain Data for both Calls and Puts. This Excel sheet fetches the live NSE Stock Option Chain data such as OI and Price at different strike prices specifically few Strike Price ranges near to ATM in Excel sheet.               This is coded in VBA and can fetch the following data at a given Strike Price, for both Calls (CE) and Puts (PE) and at different Expiry Dates. > Open Interest (OI) > Change in Open Interest (in %), > Last Traded Price for NSE Stock option (in INR) > Change in Last Traded Price (%)   It narrows down and fetches few selective Strike Price ranges only at Out of Money (OTM) near to ATM (At the Money) and not fetches from deep far Out of Money Strike Price data. So, it gives a simplified view on OI and Price changes.   How to use? 1. Select the Stock Symbol. 2. Then Select the Expiry Date an